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Flutter Entertainment / The Stars Group


The merger of Flutter Entertainment and The Stars Group formed the world’s largest online gambling and sports betting company based on revenues. The company needs to quickly integrate and scale its interactive content and bet management systems to serve the needs of millions of users across 24 jurisdictions with different compliance and regulatory requirements. Gaming vertical with poker, casino and slot games is gaining popularity and interest so users and content management need solid refactoring in terms of scalability and technology improvements.


  • Implemented the smooth, robust and coherent real time video streaming operation on the several live sports with 100 000+ weekly active hours
  • Providing live operation on the Virtual sports integration generating more than 500 000 bets weekly with live video driven events based on sophisticated live event lifecycle and advanced recovery mechanism
  • Introducing stable cross-sale model for all PokerStars products and attracting user attention providing a multi layer marketing points throughout all platforms
  • Generate recommendation engine for user friendly video content with customized banners and visual elements, data and analytics solution implementation. State-of-the-art Kafka based scalable solution for integrating real time feeds streams of video and metadata for events with huge capacity, scalability and partitioning
  • CMS solution introduced to interactively generate a visual FE components incorporating live video streams and static video. Technologies: Akamai storage, React, Springboot, AWS, Kubernetes, KAFKA, Kibana, Grafana
  • Real time altering and reporting based on the integration of multiple odds feeds
  • Implemented a number of Stars Play games based on Cocos 2dx, Unity 2D and 3D
  • Created our first hypercasual game Goal Clash using Unity 3D and HLSL (High-Level Shader Language) and Unity Shader Graph


  • Deliver 99.999% uptime system service by utilizing AWS cloud services and K8s
  • Improve the monitoring and the observability of the services by introducing Prometheus/Grafana/Loki stack and exposing valuable metrics within the application
  • Use infrastructure as a code tools to enable quick, repeatable and reliable infrastructure deployment process
  • Implement and integrate fault tolerant, scalable video upload and processing flow
  • Transform the existing desktop only web app to a mobile friendly and cross platform one



Storyfile wants to develop a revolutionary platform for creating and managing interactive video content by utilizing advanced AI.


Created a highly-scalable infrastructure with intuitive UI and sophhisticated AI.


Significantly improved user experience, loyalty and retention.



Shutterfly, Inc. is an American photography, photography products and image sharing company, headquartered in Redwood City, California. Shutterfly serves 10+ million customers with 26+ million orders per year, and hosts more than 50 billion photos on its photo storage platform. Its image library is about 75 petabytes with TBs of image metadata. Collecting and storing it in distributed cloud storage and providing web services based on it is an outgoing challenge.


We designed and implemented a migration procedure of metadata from on premise database to cloud storage in AWS. We also implemented enhancement to a number of micro services including the service for automatic image enhancement based on 3rd party libraries.


Our migration procedure successfully transferred all image metadata to AWS cloud without downtime for the other services in Shutterfly. Image enhancement service provided higher image quality with increased scalability of the micro service.